Home Care Services

Home Care Services

Home care service, Those who live at home with other family members or are orphans, disabled, paralyzed, bedridden, elderly, and needy people who cannot meet their own needs, that is, have to continue to be dependent on others; patients who have become bedridden, that is, patients who are discharged from the hospital and have to continue their treatment at home, cancer patients that may need home care, advanced age heart diseases or cannot go to any health institution due to chronic disease, It is given to individuals who need a term home healthcare service.

Advantages of Home Care Service;

  • While receiving this service, it allows people to receive home care service in the desired environment. In this way, the patient can respond more positively to the treatment as he/she will feel more secure and relaxed in an environment he/she knows, especially not being in a hospital environment psychologically is the biggest factor that will help the treatment to improve.
  • It enables people to benefit from health services where they are located (home, workplace). In this way, the person will feel much more comfortable and safe in an environment where she/he is known. This allows the patient to continue the progress in her/his treatment positively. It will be effective in the progress of the psychological and physical treatment of the patient.
  • We provide home health care services to patients who cannot receive treatment by going to a health institution due to old age, severe illness, or an ongoing health condition. Since patients are at risk of getting any infection when they go to the hospital, home healthcare is the best treatment choice for patients.
  • As Zabata Consulting, we try to meet all the needs of the patient by showing special treatment to all our patients. A special treatment plan is prepared for each patient and we do our best to ensure that there is never a situation that leads to bad psychological and physical progress. It provides the patients and their relatives with the education they need about patient care and ensures that their relatives are included in the treatment process. In this way, the patient gets through the treatment process with very good motivation without experiencing any psychological problems.

You can always feel safe as Zabata Consulting provides home care services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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