Electronic Consulting

Electronic Consulting

We are specialized in projects prepared wherever electronics subject is mentioned. We carry out operations such as controlling and monitoring electronic devices over the Internet, mobile devices or computers. In this direction, we have signed many companies in consultancy and proved ourselves.

We advise companies on how to increase the efficiency of their products and services and extend the life cycle for building automation, elevators, HVAC, lighting, security and fire safety.
We help electronics companies be prepared for all today’s challenges and obstacles, and position themselves properly for long-term growth. This assistance covers a wide range of areas such as fluctuations in demand and profitable opportunities in different regions around the world, energy efficiency and changing legislation.

Our advanced electrical consulting service successfully serves our many clients from large companies to small and medium businesses around the world. Our global consulting services allow our clients to analyze regional trends and expand into major markets.
We provide consultancy to our customers working in the field of electronic technologies on strategic decision-making, implementation and organization of organizations correctly. Our consultants, many of whom are experienced in engineering and electricity, understand and analyze how the research and development, manufacturing and supply chain should function. It is our duty to provide all kinds of support in the process from design to production, and we also have expertise in how to optimize the performance and cost of electronic products.

Our main consultancy services in the field of electronics;

  • Consultancy on Industrial Software Development
  • Developing software in electronics and industrial areas is different from standard software. We meet all needs with our experience in this field.
  • Project development – R&D
  • We provide research and development services in the field of technology for our customers and develop projects together.
  • Smart Building & Smart Vehicle
  • We produce easy-to-use, comfortable, low-cost systems in smart building and VIP vehicle control systems.
    Electronic hardware development
  • Delivery of electronic equipment that our customers need in the production process
  • Consultancy service during the development of Bluetooth, GSM Applications
  • We have activities in Bluetooth device development and all kinds of GSM controlled systems.
    Consultancy on mobile applications development
  • We have services for mobile and Multi-Platform application development.

Zabata Consulting, which has proven itself many times until today, is also the best in its field in electronic consulting. The biggest reason for our success is our deep experience and best understanding of our customers’ wishes.

You can reach us 24/7 to benefit from our electronic consultancy services.

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