Occupational Health and Safety Consultancy

Occupational Health and Safety Consultancy

Employees are companies’ greatest assets, and protecting their health is in everyone’s best interest.
It is necessary to ensure occupational health and safety in your workplace correctly. Injuries that may occur in workplaces after a security or risk deficit can cause irreversible damages to companies. Investing in creating a safe and healthy work environment will reduce risks and absenteeism and increase productivity. Zabata Consulting Occupational Health and Safety Consultancy consultants use a result-oriented approach for occupational health and safety. They focus on building confidence and integrating health and safety practices throughout your business. Ensure that your organization’s health and safety programs are designed, managed, and continuously improved over time.

Health screening for beginners is an important part of our risk management system because the initial assessment will help you determine:

  • Whether the new staff is suitable for the role
  • Have a pre-existing health condition or disability that may affect the beginner’s ability to work safely and effectively
  • If any reasonable adjustment is needed to meet equality legislation

We then review them and provide brief and practical feedback on whether further control or action is needed and what they might be if necessary. We take every step with you and always design our plans according to you. We always produce personalized solutions. We always stay in touch with you through our reports, which also show other actions you need to consider for occupational health and safety.

Case Management and Rehabilitation

You may also need help and advice on case management and rehabilitation if an employee’s absence record is very poor or your working conditions are negatively affecting an employee’s health.

We offer a complete package of consulting services that includes:

  • Occupational health assessments
  • Remote case management managed by an Occupational Health Specialist by phone
  • On-site case management led by an Occupational Health Specialist
  • Long term health limitation, disability assessment,
  • Planning a meaningful and efficient rehabilitation program suitable for both the company and the individual to ensure that the worker returns to work.
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