Investment Consulting

Investment consulting

Turkey is becoming someone who wants to enter a new business investment in capital markets every day. Investment consultancy is gaining importance day by day, as investment tools are added and diversified every day. In today’s world, where predicting the future and foresight is more and more important, investment consultancy service is convicted of guiding the business or person to invest in the right spots that can bring the most profit. Investment consultancy also provides a strategic perspective to those who want to invest.

In our investment consultancy service, Zabata Consulting works with people who have been dealing with issues such as stocks, funds, gold, foreign exchange for a long time and who do their job professionally, and this is an indication that you are always one step ahead of everyone in the investment business. We present detailed reports and suggestions to our customers in the portfolio of investment consultancy products and share recommendations. The reports prepared as a result of the studies are delivered to the investors. The requests and questions of the investors are given by our expert team, the answers that can solve the problem most accurately and securely for you.

Services We Provide Within the Scope of Investment Consultancy Service;

  • Determining your risks and returns
  • Advising line with your risk profile
  • A detailed report is prepared on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis and discussed reports.
  • Sharing views and some recommendations about the markets with our customers
  • Creating model investment portfolios for our investors and making instant updates according to the changing market by constantly monitoring the portfolios

By working with people who are specialized and experienced in their field, you will learn how to use your knowledge in the right way.


Zabat Consulting has more than 20 years as we strive to consultancy and advisory services number one in Turkey. Being number one in consultancy service and not having a competitor in consulting service does not mean that we do not improve ourselves. Each member of our team is always up-to-date, dynamic and with the latest technology, we always help you.

Zabata Consulting, your best investment area in Turkey prepares to report required by researching on your behalf. This allows you to provide the most professional investment consulting services in Turkey.

Furthermore, by making the necessary domestic firms who analyze their partnership for our customers in Turkey, financial statements, market data, such as information that the determination of the suitability of the partnership, including investment reports are prepared. Our professional team is Turkey’s best performing firm that analyzes the results provides a unique customer experience to our esteemed customers.

We do our utmost to do the best of the best aspects of your investments in the right way, and that’s why we give the best consultancy services in Turkey. You can get more information about investment consultancy by contacting us immediately.

With our consulting company, has been serving in the international arena in Turkey and Turkey’s, we provide investment advisory services in all cities. We provide Investment Consultancy services in Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Muğla, Edirne, Tekirdağ, Bursa, Alanya, Diyarbakır, Erzurum, Konya and many other cities. You can immediately call our company 24/7. Investment Advisory firm offering services in Turkey, Antalya Investment Advisory Services, Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Mugla, Bodrum, Alanya, Mersin Investment Consulting service

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