Health Consultancy

Health Consultancy

Health Counselingsupports people to face and overcome their illness in the best way possible. It also helps them to focus positively on their normal lives with ongoing health problems. Fear helps them overcome obstacles such as anxiety. It works for them to actively focus on their goals and objectives in their lives. Actually, the whole purpose of Health Counseling is to balance between “mind and body”. When this balance is established, physical, emotional, and intellectual conflicts are minimized. As a result, the person learns to maintain a positive perspective constantly. Health consultancy also supports the families and relatives of people with health problems. It helps the person or their families to best motivate the person who is experiencing health problems.

Health Consultancy Services;

  • Interpretation of blood-radiology and advanced medical analysis
  • Smoking problems, addiction treatments
  • Disease risks and cancer screening by age group
  • Psychotherapy support, stress management
  • Ideal weight-body and proper nutrition
  • Preparing personalized physical activity and exercise programs
  • Smoking problems, addiction treatments
  • Accident prevention and first aid training
  • Cardiovascular Diseases support
  • Monitoring and informing the Ministry of Health warnings
  • Hypertension and Hyperlipidemia support
  • Vitamin treatments and herbal products
  • Diabetes support
  • Interpretation of blood-radiology and advanced medical tests
  • Prompt for the second opinion
  • Chronic disease management
  • Vaccines in adults
  • Travel medicine recommendations

Who can benefit from Health Counseling?

  • Those who constantly have negative thoughts about their health
  • Those who want to gain sports and healthy lifestyle habits by eating a balanced diet
  • Those who are unable to balance their mind and body and have emotional distress
  • Those who want to continue their lives normally despite their health problems
  • Those with a serious or serious illness
  • Relatives of people with health problems

What Does Health Consultancy Gain?

  • It saves you from the negative effects of negative thoughts
  • Increases the quality of life, establishes a positive life balance
  • Helps to overcome obstacles such as fear, stress, anxiety that force the continuation of life.
  • It takes away from the psychology of the disease
  • People’s adaptation and motivation to their lives increases
  • People’s beliefs and values ​​are integrated

As Zabata consultancy, we are at your side to support you, your family, or your loved ones in every field with our professional team of experts.

Zabata as a consulting company to provide the best service to you who has a private practice working with the best doctors in Turkey and the best hospitals in Turkey. In this way, it can offer you the highest quality health consultancy in the best way.

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