License Consultancy

License Consultancy

Within the framework of the license consultancy allocated to you, our valued customers, by Zabata Consultancy, we can follow up your license follow-up procedures on your behalf, and take the necessary actions to ensure the smooth progress and speed of the transactions. Thus, you can continue your daily life without any problems.

Our staff working in the field of license consultancy are the most experienced and professional people in their work. They have a good understanding of state and public affairs and know all the steps required to speed up the licensing process by heart. Thus, the issue of obtaining licenses, which is a painstaking and long process, turns out to be an easy task without license consultancy.

The services we provide under the name of license consultancy;

  • Building License
  • Gun license
  • Business and working license
  • Building License

It is a licensed document indicating whether the construction of a building is appropriate or a permit required to start construction. Each building whose construction will be started must necessarily obtain this document.
While granting the building license, all technical and financial details about the project are examined, and the suitability of the region is also considered. Thanks to a professional license advisor, you can ensure that all the documents required in this process are completed completely and accurately and you can save time. While you are dealing with other work related to your project, we may be interested in obtaining a building permit for you.

Gun license

You can apply to Zabata consultancy to obtain a gun license. Our staff will take care of all the necessary procedures for obtaining a gun license for you. While obtaining a gun license, the main point to be considered is to have advanced knowledge about the “Regulation on firearms and knives and other tools” numbered 6136. We guarantee you that our experienced staff will not have any trouble in this regard. You do not need to tire yourself in any case, except for the health examination required to obtain a gun license, Zabata Consultancy will do whatever it takes for you.

Business and working license

Following the Regulation on Opening a Business and Working Licenses, business owners are required to obtain the license mentioned in this heading to open and operate a business. The workplace cannot be opened and operated without obtaining this license following the competent authorities.

It is a well-known fact that things are slow in the public sector. It can be an exhausting process both to deal with the deficiencies of the workplace you will open and try to open a business and obtain a working license at the same time. In such cases, as Zabata consultancy, we guarantee that we will assist you. Keep dealing with your business, we will take care of the necessary procedures for you.

For these and more, Zabata Consulting is at your service 24/7. If you are looking for a contemporary, dynamic, and professional consultancy service, you are in the right place. Contact us right now, let’s make your work and life easier together.

License Consultancy Company  in Turkey

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